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Our story


“Handcrafted Luxury as Nature Intended”

They say there is no place like home, and when home is paradise that really couldn’t be truer.

At Ceylon Soap Company, our solid bars are pure sensual luxury imagined, designed and handcrafted in Ceylon, the pearl of the Indian ocean and modern-day Sri Lanka.

Our simply crafted, beautifully scented products will linger on your skin and in your mind for time to come. Each bar is created to an original recipe following a time-honoured cold processessing technique and tested to perfection over years (always on humans, never animals). Because our products are made from scratch you don’t have to worry about sneaky uglies hidden in our bases. We don’t leave safety to random sample checks; every single batch is tested for skin safety. All our packaging is bio-degradable and our products are completely free of preservatives, parabens and all sulphates.


There is a story at each stage of our soapmaking process. Many of our ingredients are sourced from Sri Lanka, and made in the hilly spice capital Matale. From mixing the ingredients to packing and wrapping, your soap was crafted by women from the community in this idyllic corner of the country. We are a team of ladies who have found their purpose; our staff are motivated not just by receiving wages well above local standards, but by the fact that they get to be a part of a worldwide revolution to save the planet and its inhabitants from plastic waste and harmful chemicals. Because we believe in giving our clients exactly what they want, our signature collections feature individual scent combinations and soap designs- when you craft by hand, no bar is ever the same. We know that when you buy our products, we have done all in our power to give safe, natural luxury at the best possible price. This is our brand promise to you.

You can choose to trust our simple ingredient list, our original luxury recipe, and give our products a try. Every purchase means less chemicals on your skin, in our soil and running through our waterways, and with our solid bars you will also be saving planet earth from one more plastic bottle. Make the switch,, start your conscious living journey today.